CEO/Chairman Message

G2L (Co. Ltd.) is a Tanzanian cereals, oilseed and pulses processing and trading company. Since registration in 2008, we have established and continuously invested in our strong supply chain network which today includes more than 13,185 paddy, legumes, maize and sunflower smallholder farmers, farmers’ associations, local agro-dealers, distributors and dry commodity traders. This demonstrates our ability to engage with key roleplayers, particularly farmers, to optimally increase production through economies of scale, enhance structures which enable the trading of commodities and build capacity to ensure quality handling and aggregation of commodities.

G2L creates linkages between farmers’ associations and financial institutions that enhance the productivity of paddy, maize, oilseed and pulse production in the Iringa, Ruvuma, Njombe and Mbeya regions. The
company owns two rice, one maize flour and one sunflower processing machines, each with different capacities.

Company operations and production have been on a steady increase since inception, attributed in no small part to the successful expansion of our reach of more farmers and increased partnerships with key stakeholders including local government authorities, development partners and non-state actors.

Over the years, we have strengthened capacity, reorganised the management structure, improved the purchase process and made investments which would see the company marketing large volumes of paddy,
maize, beans, grain and sunflower. This progress has primed G2L for future stages of growth, which includes the introduction of baby food processing.

The Management team has established excellent working relationships with all stakeholders which not only enable the growth and expanded reach of the company, but also underscores our commitment to building a proudly Tanzanian enterprise that strengthens local farming productivity and promotes food and nutrition security in our country.

Lusajo Philip Telatela

Board Chairman and Executive Director
G2L Company Limited

Why does G2L Exist?

“To be the best agro processing company by providing outstanding quality, service, and value, so that we make customers satisfaction and improve smallholder lives.”

Our Vision

To become a leading processor and trader of high-quality food products, on a sustainable basis, surpassing consumer expectations.

Our Mission

To assure farmers of a reliable market and to continuously produce highly nutritional food products for consumers.

By becoming a market leader, the company aims to continuously contribute to enhanced food and nutrition security and quality of life of people who use our products. 

By partnering with key value chain stakeholders, the company aims to help alleviate poverty in Tanzania through sustainable market linkages between farmers and consumers.

Board of Directors

Lusajo Philip Telatela

Executive Director; Board Chair

Lusajo is a co-founder of G2L and serves as Executive Director and Chairman of the Board. He’s a successful businessman with over 15 years’ experience in running an agribusiness company in a competitive environment. He oversees the business growth of G2L, managing donor relations and development projects.

Lucy Japhet Telatela

Executive Director

Lucy is a businesswoman with more than 13 years experience in launching and growing companies in various sectors. She is a minority shareholder of G2L and serves as one of the Executive Directors. She is also the procurement and supply officer at Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital

Martin Swilla

Board Member

As an engineer, Martin lends is expertise in identifying valuable contracts and development structures, advising the company on best-use. He is a lecturer at Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST) and currently studying towards a PhD in Engineering

Stanley Kibakaya

Board Member

Stanley brings his knowledge and years of experience in business administration, advising on profitable business enterprises and ventures. He also provides marketing support and guidance to G2L and is he is regional trade officer (Mbeya region).

Nishael Jonathani Mmali

Board Member

Nishael works as an advocate for the High Court of Tanzania and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise on legal matters to his role as G2L Board member.

Our Team

Gaudensia J. Bakilile

General manager

Gaudensia J. Bakilile, started working with G2L Company on December 2016 as monitoring and Evaluation, 2017 she got promoted by the company to work as General Manager, responsible for strategic direction, vision, mission, growth and performance of the G2L company.
As a professional with more than 8 years of project management experience, Gaudensia is known for driving company growth and develop pipeline, maximizing operational excellence, delivering financial performance and Investment.

"People believe in us because we are not only passionate about what we do but also we make sure it’s done by committing our self.’’

We are also accompanied by a team that together we work to achieve our vision ahead of us. G2L team is committed to increase the company production and efficiency by utilizing resources, time and improve customer relationship