Products and Services


G2L processes paddy, maize and sunflower seeds to produce rice, rice bran, fortified maize flour, sunflower oil and seed cakes. The company also provides milling services to smallholder farmers and businessmen.


G2L packs rice, fortified maize flour, common bean and soybean in labelled and branded bags of 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg and 50Kg.


G2L provides storage services and facilities for paddy to smallholder farmers from bonde la Mbarali and small business operators from different regions of Tanzania.


G2L owns five stores in Tanzania and trades the processed and packaged commodities at these outlets: Dar es Salaam (2), Lindi (2), Mtwala (1). The company sells in wholesale (not small retail amounts) fortified maize flour, common beans and rice at 5kg, 10kg,
25kg, 50kg and 100kg.

Processed Food

Fortified Maize Meal (Sembe)

Sifted Maize Meal (Dona)

Common Bean

Grade 1 Rice

Contract farming and Training:

G2L company engaged into contract farming with smallholder farmer for a reliable source of its raw materials.

We provide training to the following groups:

  • Extension officer
  • Lead farmer
  • Smallholder farmers

In collaboration with other development partners we provide training on

  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Farming as Business
  • Post Harvest and Handling Techniques
  • GAP
  • Financial literacy
  • Nutrition

Buying of crops

We procure Maize, Common bean, Soy bean and Paddy from our contracted farmers and non contracted farmers

Processing and Packaging: 

  • We process fortified Maize flour and Rice
  • We pack fortified maize flour, Rice, Common bean 

Wholesale and retail

We sell Fortified maize flour, Rice, Common bean and Soy bean


We provide storage facility to paddy farmers at affordable cost


You can get our products through our agent shops in Dar es Salaam, Lindi and Mtwara.